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F/S Type 3 single forend iron

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For sale a nice type 3 forend iron with all the screws and nice bluing.This is from a MX 8 top single Will try and get some pisc when we get the camera working.275.00.00 shipped

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I'm providing some feedback from someone that isn't interested in this but if I was, I would be asking for this info.

First you might want to give a little more info about what gun this comes from.

Second, those are some of the worst photos I've ever seen on trapshooters. You might want to try a better camera and re-post them.

will thta fit a mx3 forend? let me know i sent you a pm.
MX-3 is type IV, this will not work.
Is it different for a single as mentioned than it would be for the regular type 3 o/u mx8?....BUD
The forend iron is same for O/U and single, and will fit Type 2 also
The early type III top single F/E is different from O/U. The under lug located at a more forward location. This F/E is one of those. It'll not work on any type III O/U from the same period.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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