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F/S Remington GunClub Hulls

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I have 16,000 once fired Remington Gun Club hulls for sale. They are all once fired by me and not range pick ups. I currently have them in bags of an approximate 1000. I will ship to you in the lower 48 for the actual cost of boxing and shipping. I plan on getting to the Shipping store tomorrow to get a cost on boxes and weight of shells.

Local pick up is ok too , they are in Erie Pa.

Cost is $30 per bag + shipping......... That is .03ea+ shipping


Replace the X in the address with a @ to e mail.
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Last time I boxed up a thousand Gun Club 12 ga hulls, it weighed 19#.
Thanks for that info.

The Remington gunclub hulls load just like the Nitros or the STS , they just have a steel base.
Gun Clubs are great hulls for reloading....
Still have some left and making more empties every week !!
Still have some left

Thanks to those that have ordered.

I have some early gun clubs, both NIB, and hulls that are brass based.

I'm not sure when they changed, but I also have some steel based ones.
Bvr Tail

I wouldn't know when they switched but I got a flat last year of GC's that had brass bases. They were "new" not old stock that had been sitting.
I found that 9's seem always to be brass plated.
The few that I had were #8's or 7 1/2's I can't remember which. I know they werent 9's .... as i haven't shot a 9 in years.
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