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I've had a lot of interest in this, but no firm commitments yet, so thought I would "sweeten the deal" a little:

Was going to list this on Gunbroker, thought I would see if there was any interest here first.

700 Remington VSSF, .220 Swift, comes with scope bases. Gun is basically "as new", I will guarantee less than two boxes of ammo (40 shots) total. The only imperfection is a small spot on the magazine floor plate, looks almost like a fingerprint smudge. I have tried to show this in the pictures.

This gun has the original H.S. Precision aramid reinforced stock, it has a very good feel, nothing like a lot of the cheaper black synthetic stocks.

I simply do not have the time or a good place to shoot it, and could use the funds for other things right now.

I will entertain REASONABLE offers.

$800.00 SHIPPED by FedEx Ground with insurance.

I was rummaging around in my basement and found the following new ammo for this gun:

-(20) rounds of Remington 50 grain PSP

-(6) rounds of Hornady 60 grain hollow point

-(13) rounds of Hornady soft point, not sure of bullet weight on these.

THE AMMO GOES WITH THE GUN, but it will have to ship separately, I will cover the freight on this also.

Face-To-Face transaction in Ohio is also welcome.

You can post here or contact me by PM.

Thank You,

Mike Humphrey

Logan, Ohio








1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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