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F/S Remington 5MM Ammo

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For sale 4 full boxes of Remington 5MM ammo. Boxes are in good shape, all the shells are there, 200 total. $200.00 shipping included.

Send a PM if interested.

Jim W

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Wow, these are cool.

I always wanted a 5mm back when they first came out.

Do they still make the rifles?
Nobody currently mfgs firearms for the 5mm (according to Wikipedia, only Remington and TC ever mfg firearms for it). It kinda got eclipsed by the 17 rimfire craze. There was a company who was converting the 591 and 592 Remingtons to a centerfire round so those with orphaned guns could shoot them, but Aguila has been making ammo for them since 2008.
Got eclipsed 20 years before 17 came out .Jeff
True, I was speaking more in terms of the possibility of it ever being reintroduced. Aguila only started making ammo for it again because Taurus was going to make a gun to match, but never did.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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