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F/S Perazzi MX8 type Release/Pull Trigger-SOLD

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I have a Release/Pull MX8 triger, serial number 37944 For Sale - $525 including shipping and insurance. This is a vintage 1971-1972 Ithaca import but functionally excellent.

I do not know who performed the modification.

email me if you are interested. marshall_william at hotmail dot com
Trigger Revolver

Gun Trigger Revolver

Door handle Handle

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Question - eBay has been a successful outlet for Release Trigger/Perazzi sales at $750 to 995 - one was just pulled with a price of $1495.

I have put this one up there at $575 with several decent 'offers' but not quite right to account for eBay's commission. I think I have these low enough to provide for re-blue to those offended by the polish job.


I will take it for $525.

See your PM's and email.

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