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This was my mom's MX3 for doubles. She did not shoot doubles much and bought the gun from it's original owner. All numbers match, including the wood. SN 662XX, barrels are 29.5" proported with no other alterations. Bores are: top 0.724 with 0.019 choke; bottom bore is 0.727 with 0.032 choke. Barrel is stamped 18.4 and 1.52kg. Barrels are great shape with a slight amount of blue wear from forearm rub.

Wood is scratched and has several dings, none bad, a refinish would make the gun look new. Tang area is not chipped or cracked. Receiver blue is slightly faded. Gun has 14.25 LOP over Pachmayer pad on a 0.5" thick pad adjuster. Dimensions of stock are: drop at comb = 1.5" drop at heel = 1.75". Length from trigger to end of grip is 4.06". Neutral stock with no palmswell. Forearm is round (tonda) style. I think she would mount her Seitz-tuned single barrel to this stock and receiver, so the receiver and stock show more wear.

Gun has not been shot in about 10 years, trigger is pull/pull.

Gun comes in John Hall case, well traveled.

$2700 + shipping.

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