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For Sale:

Perazzi MX14 O/U Gun: All matching serial number 95xxx gun with upgraded wood.

Gun Specifics as follows:

Over/Under Barrels: Square Mono Bloc 32" Ramped/Tapered Rib, No Side Ribs, Bores 18.4/.725, Choked .021 Modified, Top .032 Full, 1.64 KG, Ported, Type IV Lug.

Receiver and Forend Iron: Square Mono Bloc Removable Trigger Flat Side Receiver with matching Type IV Forend Iron. Both items show no exterior blue wear and are in excellent condition.

Trigger: Bottom to Top Firing, Non Selective "P4" Adjustable Length of Pull. Trigger is in great shape.

Stock and Forend: Custom Built SC3 to SCO Grade Stock 14.75" to 15.25" LOP, Slight Right Hand Cast, Large Right Hand Palm Swell, Perazzi Four Way Adjustable Hardware Comb, Slight Toe Kick to Kick EEZ Pad with matching Type IV Forend. Nice!

Overall Condition: Very Good to Excellent with top lever far right of center. See pictures!

Trades welcome for other Perazzi items.

Price: $5500 shipped

Rich Bullard, Jr. 1-775-742-2843


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Will somebody please buy this gun so I do not have to spend hrs. pondering how to come up with the loot for this really nice MX-14! Up for a nice Perazzi
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