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F/S Perazzi MX-3 Combo 30/32

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32" trap, 30" O/U. Serial 63+++. Stock has no dings or scratches, very new
appearance, adjustable comb, 14-5/8 LOP to Perazzi pad. 30" O/U barrel is
ported top and bottom, choked .030/.040 w/.725 bores. 32" top single choked
.040". No nicks, scratches or wear on bluing of barrels or action. All parts have matching serial numbers: action, trigger, forend metal, and both barrels.
Barrel weights are O/U KG 1.510, top single KG 1.560. The gun is like new in all respects--a closet queen! $6500 in fitted black Perazzi case.
Gary, located in Colo.

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Do all serial numbers match or is the O/U barrel non-matching?
Proporting, otherwise gun is all original.
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