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F/s>>>>> like new Remington 30-06

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I have a Remington ADL 30-06 for sale. It is black synthetic stock with matte black barrel. I won it and really have no need for it. I did mount a scope and shot 1 1/2 boxes of shells through it so I could break it in a little and see how she would shoot. With factory Winchester Supreme 180 grain accubonds it would shoot 1/2-3/4 inch groups at 100 yards. Most groups I could get 2 of the holes touching each other. In other words she is most definitely at shooter!
The gun has never been anywhere but the bench and the house so it is basically a new gun yet.
It will come with a leupold base but no rings.

I would like to get $370 for it and that includes shipping.

If interested shoot me a PM here.

Here is a couple pictures of the gun.