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Wondering if anyone was interested in a Factory Stock and Forearm for a K-80 ok it is from a 24,000 S/N gun.

All right it belongs to my friend and he don't do computers at all but he has moved up and got a cell phone and can use it pretty good!

Ok here is the info he furnished me with, it has a factory 4 way adjustable comb,and the measurments are as follows.

L.O.P. 14.5" measured from the forward position of the adjustable trigger to the center of the curved pad, Comb 1 1/2" drop from front and back.
Heel 2 1/16" ok no cracks,chips,or scratches he said it had the normal wear and if you hold it just right you might see minor dings in the polyuranthane.

<a href="" target="_blank">

Ok the fore arm don't come with the metal but of course it has the metal pieces that the 2 screws will screw into.

The only alternations to the stock is he had a gunsmith to put the metal inserts into the stock and the allen headed screws to hold the pad on.

Ok the price is 1,000 plus shipping and it is in the Ky area.

Another thing you will notice the black stripe in the first picture that the forearm and stock is matching and in the 2nd picture really the light colored section don't look that light in real life but I don't have the wood here to take anymore pictures now because it is around 3 hours away.

If anyone is interested then email me and I will contact my friend also can give you his phone number to talk direct with him if serious.


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