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Cleaning out safe and found some extra copies of George "bird" Evans books that I have, most are signed, PM me for which ones you may be looking for?

I have three hard to find Paco young prints (He Passed away in 2005,at the age of 45), he did the these prints for Ruffed grouse society. If you've ever hunted ruffed grouse in Michigan, Minnesota or Northern Wisconsin, you'll swear he was in one of your "coverts" to make these prints. I Bid and won the framed prints on my wall over the years,then ruffed grouse put up the remaing prints (Unframed)on there website several years ago and sold them all out.I will now sell two of those prints, they have never been framed,and all have been kept in a air tight tube and are "AS New"ready to frame.

#1"Double Doodles"-TRI-Setter Hunter Shooting @ two Woodcock.#151/300 $500.00 *****Sold Pending funds*****

#2"Double UP Ruffed Grouse" Blk/W Pointer, Two Hunters and grouse. #35/300
$450.00 O.B.O.

#3 "My Personal favorite", found this at an art gallery,(This is my third and last one but a "goodie")I have one framed on my wall, (Harvey Kimmis)has one, and this one is as follows;

"ARTIST PROOF"- #4/20 **October Ruff-Ruffed Grouse**--Brittany and lone hunter swinging on grouse. $1750.00 O.B.O.

I have all three framed and on my wall, they remind me of last fall and every great moment I've had hunting with my dogs. In finishing, Paco died way to young as he was truly another "Terry Redlin" and I would like to see someone enjoy these as I do everyday!
Thank You

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