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I have for sale the items pictured above and described below. These items range in age from about 8 years to about 33 years. Most of the calls are 20-30 years old. A few may even be collectors items. I have checked out all the calls and all the cassette tapes and they work well. The cloth goods (duffle bag, waist belt, etc) are in excellent condition. In fact, all the items are in good to excellent condition. I'm selling it as a PACKAGE. I will not part it out. The price is $119 delivered to your door in the lower 48.

1. P S Olt Predator Call #33 (wood) in original box with instructions.

2. P S Olt Crow Call #44 (wood) in original box with instructions.

3. Faulks Predator Call P-60 (wood) in original box with instructions.

4. Johnny Stewart Crow Call CC-1 in original package with instructions.

5. Burnham Brothers Long Range Deer Call D-4 with instructions.

6. **** Squaller (plastic) from Bill Boatman I think.

7. Burnham Brothers Long Range **** Call B-1 with instructions.

8. Squirrel Barking Call (rubber) with instructions.

9. Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls (3 of them) Double Reed, Single Reed, and Duck Whistle. Includes instruction cassette from World Champion Buck Gardner.

10. Johnny Stewart cassette tape for Predator Calling, Cottontail Rabbit Distress Cries CT 102A.

11. Johnny Stewart cassette tape Fighting Crows with Some Distress Sounds Mixed CT-205

12. Burnham Brothers cassette tape Predator Call. Yellowhammer Woodpecker on one side and Cardinal (Redbird) on the other side.

13. H.S. Camo Nylon Head Net model 00283. Still unopened in original package.

14. Roll of Camo Tape for shotgun/rifle. Probably enought to do several long guns.

15. Six 1 ounce tubes of Camo Creme for face and hands (Black, Brown, and Green). Three of the tubes have a little used out of them, but the other 3 appear to not have been used at all.

16. H.S. Camo Burlap Cloth 54" x 12 feet. Realtree Hardwoods. Still in original wrapper. Never used.

17. Two 45 rpm records from Burnham Brothers with instructions on Deer Calling and **** Calling. I did not get to check out these two records, but the last time I checked them (years ago) they worked.

18. Waist Belt from Mossy Oak Treebark. 100% Polyester Fleece. Large fanny pack on back and several side pockets. All have zippers. Never been used. Perfect condition. Still has the original hang tags on it.

19. Camo Duffle Bag Realtree with zipper and shoulder carrying strap. Bag is approx 24" long and approx 11" or 12" in diameter. Very good condition.

Thanks for looking.

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