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F/S Collt 1911 Ivory Grips Sold! Sold! Sold!

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I don't have any pics yet, I will post them tomorrow. A neighbor has ivory 1911 grips with the Colt Rampant Horse inlaid in the sides. They have a yellow patina on them, with no chips, cracks or splits. He gave the gun to his son, who didn't want the grips and he wants to unload them. I don't think he wants to get rich off of them, but he does want to sell them. Pm me with your offer or what you think they are worth, and I'll put you in touch with him. He said that he bought them over 40 years ago! Thanks, Rick Gibbs

Thanks for the interest. RG
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My bad! Sorry about the double posting, I didn't see it til I went thru the WTT threads!

Up date! I spoke to the owner this am, he's off to a VA appointment in Nashville so it will be later today before I can get pics.

The grips are ivory, I've seen them. The owner said that he bought them from Ferlack in California and has the original receipt somewhere to prove that it is "legal" ivory.

They were on a Colt 1911-A1 full size 45 so I don't believe they would fit an Officers Model 45.

My only interest here is trying to help a Korean War Vet who won't do computers to sell these.

All pm's have been answered. Thanks for all the interest.

cnsane, there is only the pair of grips F/S here. I know I didn't list them before. Rick Gibbs
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