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The stock set for sale here is a long tang off an RN model Citori Grade V pictured below. The gun has since been sold with the custom stocks as pictured.

Browning Citori Type definitions.
Current Browning factory nomenclature defines three types of Citori for parts identification purposes and there are actually four types to consider.

The first is the Citori made from 1973 through 1976. Browning no longer has many parts for this vintage of firearm, therefore this version is not included in current Browning parts lists. Examination of the reciever will reveal that there is no engraving on these models. This variation is often referred to as the coil spring Charles Daly.

The Type I - Slanted Receiver refers to the Citori made only in 1977. These firearms will contain the letter designation RR within the serial number. The stock inletting of the side panels where they butt to the receiver appears to slope backwards.

The Type II - Straight Receiver refers to the Citori built between 1978 and 1982. These firearms will contain one of the following letter designations: RP, RN, PM, PZ, or PY, within the serial number. This version resembles the original Superposed model in which the stock panels mate to the receiver.

The Type III - Radius Receiver/Long Tang Triggerguard refers to the Citori built from 1983 to the present. This model also has a close resemblance to the original Superposed where the stock panels and receiver mate. The bottom edge of the receiver and the corresponding area of the stock panel is radiused.

Type III - Radius Receiver / Short Tang Trigger Guard - All Field and Target models produced since August, 1994, as well as all Sporting Clays models have been manufactured using the short tang trigger guard.



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