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I finally have to use the word "Rare" to describe the two Black Myrtlewood blanks offered for sale. This is one of the most unique colors in the wide spectrum of colors that show up in Myrtlewood. For those who love the density, workability and ability to take ultra-fine checkering that is characteristic of Myrtle but don't like "light colored" wood, here ya go. The top blank is a little darker than the bottom blank and the bottom blank shows a little more of the through-and-through shimmer/fiddle that is found in almost all myrtlewood. There is definitely "character" in the top blank that will show through when the final finish is applied.



Two different images of right side. Shimmer in the bottom blank is clear in both pics. The second pic shows the hint of shimmer in the upper (darker) blank that is hiding right below the surface.



Two images of left sides taken from different angles. Measurements are: Top blank 20" long, 8 1/4" tall at the butt, 3 3/4" tall at the receiver and 2 1/2" thick; Bottom blank 20" long, 8" tall at the butt, 3 3/4" tall at the receiver and 2 1/4" thick. Price on the top blank is $345.00 with a closely matching forend blank and shipping included. Price on the bottom blank is $395.00 with forend blank and shipping included. If you want the pair, I'll bundle them at $675.00.

Both blanks were cut over 20 years ago and are stable and at less than 10% moisture. If you've been looking for something extremely rare for your special project and your tastes are conservative and functional, these could be what you're looking for.

A reminder that I'm on the way to Las Vegas for the SHOT Show and the Bienfeld. If anybody wants me to bring anything special to actually touch, please email me at [email protected] or call before Saturday morning at 541-597-2118.

Thanks for looking, Mike Mann
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