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F/S Beretta So5 Rare Find *LAST REDUCTION* SOLD

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Truly a Rare Find, 1971 Beretta So5 Crown Grade Field Gun in 99+% condition. 12 Ga, 26" barrels choked
IC/IM. LOP 14 1/4" seems to be :neutral cast, no palm swell with 1 1/2" DAC and 1 7/8" DAH. The checkering is sharp as can be throughout the gun including the butt plate. Pierced top lever with gold grown and gold letter S above safety. The barrel's bores are mirror clean and has a ventilated top rib with two Ivory beads front and mid. The gun looks as though it has been a safe queen and may have been test fired only. It comes with the original box and paperwork as seen in the pictures and still has the original blank warranty card. The box survived but has aged. The gun is signed by Master Engraver Lauzoqui.
This is a true collectors piece which was totally hand made by Beretta.

$8,500 Plus Shipping to your FFL, No Trades
The gun is priced to sell, a Beretta collectors dream.
Please feel free to email with any questions and if you need additional pictures.
[email protected]



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I have an exhibition grade SO stock with a right hand palm swell-- a sporting stock so a little higher than this one if anyone were to want an additional stock-- close to new- reasonably priced

That might make this even more valuable to be able to have an additional stock


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That thing is just screaming for a bore job, ports, screw-in chokes with extended tubes, and an adjustable comb. And a decent butt pad, of course.

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I've owned one of these guns almost identical to this gun and I have to say it was just about the nicest gun I've ever laid my hands on. If I ever hunted with a 12GA I would certainly have kept the one I had, or buy this one. They are about as nice as it gets. Only one I've ever seen with the box and all the paperwork. Good luck with the sale. Someone is going to get a great gun.

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This may have been made as a Columbaire gun. The chokes on the original paperwork are IC and IM, more like a modified and full in US choking. 26" guns were popular for Columbaire in the sixties and seventies. This gun is identical to my late SO2 Columbaire gun except mine is 28". This SO5 is some bargain.
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