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F/S Beretta 303 trap w/ custom barrel - Sale Pend.

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(Sale Pending, just awaiting funds)

Due to my total lack of trap shooting activities during the last 5 years and a strong,renewed interest in woodworking projects, some (but not all) of my guns will be sold to purchase some sought-after heavy duty shop machines. Here's one that I'm quite hesitant to part with because it eventually became my go-to shotgun whenever I needed to get extra serious.

Beretta 303 Special Trap with several added features:

30" fixed Full choke barrel with custom stepped/tapered vent rib (3/8" rise dropping to about 1/4" at muzzle end). I'd say it shoots 60/40% pattern with a nice flat view down the rib. And though I've never measured the bore or choke constriction on this barrel I strongly suspect it's had some custom "down-the-tube" work performed on it by someone, simply judging by how well it performs. At the 16 yd line it'll make targets completely vanish. It also crushes targets with authority at the 27 yd line as well, so my suspicions lean towards "extra-full" results from the choke end of the barrel.

The vent rib is also "custom" and not from the Beretta factory at all. It also bears no maker's stamp to provide one with an obvious clue concerning the craftsman who installed it and who might've ported the barrel as well. (Can any experts here tell by viewing some of these pics?)

The barrel extension has also been drilled/fitted with a shell catch wire which can be instantly removed for shooting doubles/continentals, simply by giving it a gentle tug. It's reinstalled again just as easily.

The buttstock is equipped with a 4-way adjustable/padded comb. It's also fitted with a 1/2" thick Jones type plate with "through-the-pad" adjustability. The Kick-Eze pad is 1 1/4" thick. Overall length of pull is 14.5+ inches. Anyone needing a shorter stock fit than that can easily remove the Jones plate and have a thinner recoil pad installed.

The safety has already been removed from the trigger group so that the action always locks itself open by pulling back on the bolt handle. (I know those few, small parts are around here somewhere; I just need to discover where) When/If located...they'll be included with the shotgun as well.

This shotgun is extremely clean and in 99+% condition. The buttstock bears just a couple very tiny dings, courtesy of another inattentive shooter who badly parked his gun next to mine on the rack. You gotta really watch those gun racks or just not use them at all!

The F/S price is $875.00 (shipped) to buyers in the lower 48. 3-day inspection allowed. If this shotgun doesn't meet your standards then ship it back to me in equal condition. The only thing you'll be out is the shipping costs. (see attached pics)

Thanks for your time!
Mark Prodzinski

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