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F/S Benjamin ..22 cal. air rifle

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F/S Benjamin Marauder pre-charged .22 cal air rifle, with bipod, and scuba tank adapter hose..
Like new.... $ 300 plus actual shpg cost
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What fps does this fire the pellet at?
Is power adjustable?
If someone doesn't buy this rifle soon I will have to.

Please, someone buy this rifle!

This is a fantastic deal...

Just ask Tron...

Stu Gabriel (MrGun)
This is a HELL of a deal. Simply an incredible rifle that's a ball to shoot.

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tugboat i want this gun . give me an e-mail adress or aphone no and i will get this done.
If not sold above, I will buy it now @ 8:36 PST 3/9.Send Personal mail with your details. Thanks
did this rifle get sold ? i didnt see any answer on the site about .
The air rifle is sold, pending funds...Thanks
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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