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For Sale: 8 excellent condition Angleport extended non-ported chokes to fit any Kolar .750 bore factory threaded gun. I have the following:

.005 (2)
.010 (2)
.015 (2)
.025 (1)
.035 (1)

I was playing around with extended chokes for awhile, I already have all these chokes in the same constrictions as flush factory chokes, and I think i'll stick w/ them for now. I would prefer to sell these all as a group as possible. These are currently $49.99 each (which would be $400 for the lot).

Will sell for $40 each, shipped to you, or $290 for the lot, still shipped to you.

Can provide pics if desired.

email [email protected]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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