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F/S 4 (four) model 70 winchesters

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Awesome group of Winchesters. Good luck.

Bob Falfa
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are the last two push feed or controlled round feed?
No disrespect meant, but if you are going to sell Model 70s and expect a decent price, especially in dangerous game calibers, you MUST know whether they are CRF or PF.

CRF bolt on top, and PF bolt on the bottom. PF bolt does not have the long extractor on the side of the bolt.

Door handle Hardware accessory Metal

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The best place to sell collections of that size for a widow is Rock Island Auctions ( They are a very respectable auction house and will get the most money per gun than you will get anywhere else, including Trapshooters.

You won't have to put up with 60 different transactions, 100s of tire kickers, and even more A holes. They will even send their own truck to come pick up the collection and you will not have to worry about shipping.

It is the most profitable, easy, and hassle free way to sell a large collection.

My wife has them on speed dial. Should I die unexpectedly, I am sure they will get a call before the coroner.
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