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They both have positives and negatives. The Pat is easier to adjust, and is not as sensitive to different makes of targets.

The Promatic will operate with wet/frozen targets, and is not as susceptible to cold weather issues. The Pat requires cold weather specific service and setup.

The Pat can change target speed as temperature changes during the day.

The Pat does not put as much spin on a target as the Promatic, which means the shooter will see more face than a target thrown from a Promatic. Many shooters like that, but the Pat target seems to be more affected by wind.

The Promatic is more sensitive to different brands of targets, and may need the target splitters adjusted.

The Pat typically costs more than a Promatic. Promatic will often dispatch a factory rep or tech to help out on big shoots with new machines, and will come to your club and help with installation on big orders.

Maintenance seems to be higher with the Promatic.

The Pat is quicker to throw a target than a Promatic without a solenoid release.

There are folks who like them both, and many who prefer one over the other.

The Pat may be easier to set than the Promatic. The Promatic generally requires factory training to set up and service.

They both have excellent customer service.

The Pat is easier to set for Doubles.

My personal preference would be the Matterelli for American Skeet, Pat for American Trap, the Promatic for everything else. YMMV
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