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EuBanks Gun shop Bring a old perazzi back to life

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Took my mx8 into Rogers to show him that I had too much space between my barrel and receiver. It had about .010 beween them. He made new hinge pins for her. The old one were worn very badly. Not only did it close the gap it make her feel new. I'm waiting on the engaver to finsh the engaving. Can't wait to get her back in my hands. Will show some pics of what he has done.
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Roger is top shelf
How can you tell whether a gun is a "him" or a "her"? I've been told most Krieghoff's are "hims" and most Perazzi's are "hers". But, that makes no sense to me.... except for the fact one is beautiful and the other is a long framed, bulked-up machine. And both breeds seem to be flourshing. How does that figure into this??

What if there was a cross between a Perazzi and a Krieghoff? Wow. The possibilities are mind boggling...... would that be a Kolar - or a Blaser?

Who is the world expert on "sexing" shotguns??? What is/are the advantages to each gender? Inquiring minds want to know.....

(All this is intended to be in "jest", guys.)

"I've been told most Krieghoff's are "hims" and most Perazzi's are "hers""


Does it mean that if you keep a K-gun and a P-gun together in a gun safe you can expect to see an offspring named "Krazzi" after awhile? :)

Nope ... it would probably be a Mod 12 ... because it is the best of both worlds!
contact info for Roger Eubanks - Eubanks Gunsmithing. Address: 3683 River Rd, Homedale, ID 83628

Phone:(208) 337-4212 - I have his email also but wont post it here
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