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Ermie Wooten passed today

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Got a call from Terry Brogdon tonight reporting that Ernie Wooten passed today.

Ernie was an icon in Texas trapshooting, great shooter, always the 1st to pitch to help where-ever needed.

Past President of TTA terrific squadmate and wonderful friend to all who were fortunate and blessed enough to know him.

More info about services when I receive them.

Pray for his precious Pat.

Dick Lindsay
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What a VERY SAD Day in this World. Ernie (Pop) as Jerry O'Connor called him was and will always be the "GO TO GUY" at Trapshooting and other things. It is with a sad heart that i tell the World "Ernie" was a Friend that I will miss dearly. He has been taking care of "Pat" his lovely wife for a good while due to her illness.You did not have to see "Ernie" at a shoot to know he was there. Score sheets, shoot off sheets and squad sheets were ALWAYS ready if "Ernie" was at that shoot.I shot with "Ernie" and Jerry O'Connor at the Texas State one year in Amarillo and Shot the Post before "Ernie" and broke a "99" because I knew "Ernie" was Watching Me.When we finished he walked over and said "Why did you miss the EASY one. GOOD TIMES i will NOT Forget.!!!!! Please ALL pray for "Pat" in her time of sorrow. So Long Ol' Friend--Good Shooting. Joe Whitehurst--- Prayers from Vickie & I and The New Mexico Trapshooting Assocation.President
Sorry to hear that Ernie has passed. I first met him when he was still working and shooting in Amarillo back in the 80's. Those were my earlier days and Ernie helped me and made me feel welcome in Texas. Over the years I shot with him and saw him at many shoots in the northern parts of Texas and he always took time to visit. Seemed he was helping out at all of the gun clubs if he was able to. RIP. Greg Hissem
Very sorry to hear of Earnie's passing, he was one of the first Texas shooters that introduced himself to me while at the Texas State Shoot in Amarillo. Rest in peace.

Ron &Jane Schroer
Sun City, Texas
Ernie will be sincerely missed. As has been said, he was a big help in running any shoot.

He had a very gentlemanly way.

Rest in Peace Ernie,

Don Rackley
I first meet Ernie in 1989 @ Ft Worth Trap and Skeet Club(along with Bonnie and Jake Richards). Needless to say I was impressed at how smooth the shoot was run. I ask Ernie if he could teach me the ins/outs of running a trap shoot. "Sure he said just follow along with me" What a wonderful past 24 past years of friendship I have had knowing and talking with "Pop". We would talk almost each morning while I drove to work. When Pat got ill we would talk about fishing(and how many more fish he had caught than Jerry had.) and other things to keep our minds off Pats illness. What a wonderful man God gave us all. Now he is gone and will be missed by all. I am at a loss as to how to put into words what his loss will mean to us all who knew him. God Bless you Ernie and keep you safe.

Ben Dobson
A brief message from our club President, Steve Camarata, on Ernie's passing:

"Ernie spent many years in various positions on the Club’s board and was instrumental in coordinating shoots and was also a vital part of the TTA for years. I have known Ernie for many years and he was a very likable and outgoing person; always had our Club’s best interest at heart while he was in Amarillo. A fine shooter too. He could hold his own with the best of them.

Rest in peace, good friend.


We've all got to go at some point, but this is a sad day for the Amarillo Gun Club and everyone else throughout the state. Our prayers go out to Pat.

When the dust settles we will be left with very fond memories of one of those "once in a lifetime" people in our sport that we are fortunate enough to cross paths with. Hug a loved one today, and call an old shooting buddy in Ernie's memory.

Amarillo Gun Club
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Ernie was a great man, both in life and at the gun club. Rest in Peace, my friend.
Jerry and Trish are with Pat.
My condolences. As said above Ernie was the best. He never seemed to slow down. His help at a shoot was always noticed and greatly appreciated. RIP. Ray
Ernie was most certainly the best of individuals. He not only competed but considered it his personal responsibility to make sure the shoot ran well.

My condolences to Pat, his wife, and his son.

He will be missed not only by myself; but, by the entire trapshooting community.
Pat Wooten, Ernie's wife is currently residing in a nursing home. Her address is:

Pat Wooten
Town Hall Estates
207 Old Betsy Rd
Rm 6B
Keanne, TX 76059
Here is Ernie's obituary from the Amarillo Globe News.
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