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Equipment Trailer

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We are getting to the point of needing a team trailer for all of our shooting equipment. Looking for ideas for the inside of equipment trailers. I see a number of teams using them, and i assume that some of you have come up with some great ideas for equipment storage on the walls, cabinets, etc. If you can share ideas, pictures, etc. it would be appreciated.

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Always haul your hard-cased guns FLAT.......NOT standing in any way.
Haul your non-cased guns standing and in good soft cases. D-rings near the top and bottom are fine..
Load to the front because the trailer will handle better, and the cargo gets a better ride.
A work bench with a carpet cover is handy and a good light......portable is fine.
Remember....a trailer rides rough and unsecured items will be on the floor.....
Everything else is committee work..........m

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Well, YES to the dual axles, but be SURE to monitor tire pressures and temperatures.
I had someone lean half their body out of their passenger side window one time to yell at me that I had a flat - I had a hard time believing him because I couldn't "feel" anything in the truck.

The PROBLEM becomes overloading of the other tire on that side - if that overheats and blows you're in REAL trouble.
With dual axles TPMS is very desirable - after market wireless valve cap type is reasonably affordable.

Disc brakes are the other "Worth the few bux extra".
I upgraded to Kodiak brand - on dexter axles they were bolt hole to bolt hole compatible with the drum backing plates.
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