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Winchester Model 12
Vintage and Nostalgia Shooter! This gun points and handles just lovely--like a Model12!

It is beautifully engraved with deep engraving and silver inlayed birds and dogs. The stock is handsomely stocked using California Claro walnut. The work was performed by the stock maker Bates. It is also beautifully carved and finely checkered by Bates and Lenard were LA gunsmiths and are the men credited with the Weatherby stock design in the late 40's through the 50's, upon inspection you can see the similar inlays and spacers used at Weatherby.

The gun also sports a "DUCKBILL" 2 pin rib extension.
The LOP is 14" to a Silvers Pad-- 30 " full choked barrel, with a total weight of 8 lbs 12 oz.
Please see the detailed pictures of this gun and condition.
Thank you for looking. If you have questions or would like additional pictures please do not hesitate to ask.

$3550 plus shipping
Thanks Mike

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