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Engraved Ljutic Spotted At The Gun Club

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A well known gun club member walked into the club house yesterday and plunked this Ljutic down on the table. It did draw some lookers. It comes with two sets of wood, the one on the gun has what appears to be a PFS product hanging off the back. The additional stock speaks for itself. The case has "Silver Dollar" embroidered on the inside.


Did Neil Hartlieb engrave many Ljutics? Any ideas as to who made the additional furniture? As this is an early (non hooded) gun and has been around for many years, has anyone seen this gun before? Do you think the guy will get his asking price?

Always fun to run into guns like this.

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My buddy, David Helton, showed me his "Pigeon Grade Ljutic". He shot it well once so he decided to turn it into a Pigeon Grade. He had a Pigeon engraved on the receiver. He then shot a bad score and had the engraver engrave some "Pigeon Poop" below the Pigeon. Truly a "Unique" engraving!
If you ever enjoyed the Far Side, David sees, and lives his life this way.
Funniest Helton story he ever told me was he was talking to this lady at Walmart, but he just couldn't place her or remember her name, but he was sure he knew her. Finally, the lady asked David, "David, don't you recognize me?" David responded that he did recognize her, but just couldn't place he. She then said "David, I was your wife!" They had been divorced for a few years. LOL, what a character. He needs to write a book
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