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Engraved Ljutic Spotted At The Gun Club

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A well known gun club member walked into the club house yesterday and plunked this Ljutic down on the table. It did draw some lookers. It comes with two sets of wood, the one on the gun has what appears to be a PFS product hanging off the back. The additional stock speaks for itself. The case has "Silver Dollar" embroidered on the inside.


Did Neil Hartlieb engrave many Ljutics? Any ideas as to who made the additional furniture? As this is an early (non hooded) gun and has been around for many years, has anyone seen this gun before? Do you think the guy will get his asking price?

Always fun to run into guns like this.

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I think the correct spelling is Hartlieb.

And it is signed by him on the bottom of the receiver.
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Is there a palm swell, slight amount of offset and toe out on the extra stock?
Don't know James, I didn't pick it up.
Well, that gun took one hour to sell from the time it hit the table in the clubhouse until it went out the door with a new owner.
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