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Just picked up 200 more pieces of miscellaneous mostly rifle blanks from the estate of a Master Stocker who passed away. I've picked out a couple items that are not seen everyday and thought I'd offer them to TSers before putting them up on the website. These are obviously meant to be rifles in their forever life, but will also fit most shotgun applications.

Measurements are included with descriptions, so please verify that these will handle your shotgun needs before ordering.





One of the most complete, full coverage, dramatic Franquette English Walnut rifles I've seen in a long time. Measurements are 38 inches long, 6 1/2 inches tall at the butt and 2 1/2 full inches thick. Cut in 2001 and so marked, this beauty should be host to a large-caliber high-end big game rifle. Blank A was marked by the stocker at $2000.00. I'll send it anywhere in the free world for $999.00, reduced to $850.00, AND IS SOLD with world-class packaging and shipping included.





The first of 2 Hawai'ian KOA blanks in this lot was cut in 2008. Measurements are 34 inches long, 6 1/2 inches tall at the butt and 2 1/4 inches thick. Great stripe, full range of colors including typical KOA gold and a vertical fiddleback that permeates every inch highlight this blank. KOA in full rifle sizes is rare and getting rarer every day. KOA with full-coverage petite fiddleback exists only here. $650.00, reduced to $550.00, reduced again (last time) to $399.00 and is SOLD.

Any offers before I put these up on the website??????????
I'll be deleting this post on 10-22.

Second KOA and the Rosewood Bubinga are in posting English, KOA, KOA, Bubinga #2.

Payment via check or money order to me at PO Box 846, Selma, Oregon 97538 or by Paypal to [email protected]. Questions or offers to [email protected].

Thanks for looking, Mike Mann
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