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Trump and Hillary decided that since the election results were so close they would have a contest to determine the winner.

Trump won the electoral college vote and Hillary won the popular vote.

After much negotiation they decided to have a 4 day fishing contest at a remote lake in northern Wisconsin in December when it is very cold.

Each day the two had to bring their catch to a weighing station to have the number of fish caught verified. The press had to wait at the weighing station and couldn`t follow the contestants out on the ice.

The one who caught the most fish would be declared winner and the loser would go home without protesting the results.

The first day Trump came in off the ice with 16 fish. Hillary had none.

The second day Trump had 22 more. Hillary none.

The third day Trump had 11 more. Hillary still had none.

On the last day of the event Hillary decided to follow Trump certain that he was cheating in some manner and she would be the one to reveal his cheating.

In a short time Hillary came back to the weigh station shouting that she had caught Trump cheating.

She cried out ...


And that my friends is the difference between a successful business man and a career politician.
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