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Eezox... Who's Using This?

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Eezox... Who

On a another BB I started participating on, there are numerous discussions about rust prevention and firearm maintenance.. the product everyone mentions is "Eezox" - a synthetic lube, cleaner, rust prevention product...

I've never heard this product mentioned on anyone here have experience with it?!

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When you say expensive, what are we talking about and did you buy it direct or from distributor?

Thanks for responding,

I use it on my new stainless parts for protection and then do a touch up every month or so...The main reason is for rust protection...For after every use cleaning it's my standard CLP or Ballistol...The smell of EEZOX is nice but different...LOL
Ballistol smells like old dirty sweaty socks.
The stuff is loaded with 1.1.1. trichloroethylene.

This is NOT one of the chemicals I'd want to use given there are many safer,effective alternatives... <I>EEZOX MSDS</i>. I'm a bit surprised they're still allowed to sell the stuff.

The stuff apparently does what the makers claim but Ballistol, Corrosion-X and CLP and CLP CO also give adequate corrosion protection WITHOUT using TCE. I guess the question comes down to "what risks are you willing to take to clean something?"

Eezox works great!

Scrub your bore with whatever you normally use until the patches come out clean. Then run a patch wet with Eezox through it. I can just about guarantee that it will come out dirty!

Also, follow the instructions to apply a very light film to all metal surfaces and then let dry. Protects from fingerprints really well. Doesn't seem to bother wood or finishes, either.

The results of a corrosion test can be found on

Brick Wood Furniture Metal

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I use it on the bore of my rifles. Some quality barrel makers recommend it highly.

jim brown
Works as adverised, no other cleaners, solvents or oils needed. Recommended to me by a custom barrel maker. A little grease on heavy wear areas is the only other product I use. Since it does contain a carcinogen you might consider care in use. Also, I prefer to use it outdoors, the fumes linger and upset the wife.

It is one of few that passed the Navy's salt water's good stuff.
SPECTACULAR for resisting rust! I try to use sparingly, due to the chlorinated nature of the spray(like brakeclean) and use in a ventilated room if you use it inside. I am presently using up all my other cleaners, like Remoil and Hoppes and will use this and SLP2000 exclusively when that occurs. These two products, I have found, have a synthetic lubricant that is extremely rustproof and has no affinity to attract dirt and dust like most other lube/oils. It forms a chemical bond with the metal surface that allows you to clean the bore in one or two passes rather than six or seven. The wad fouling just peels off onto the patch when running a brush through the bore. I live in a dry environment, so I do not worry about surface corrosion a lot, but if I lived back in the South or anywhere where it is humid, this stuff would be INDISPENSABLE. Some things cost more because they are worth it. Pete
Hmm. It has a carcinogen as an ingredient, must be used outside or with good ventilation, and has an odor. Why would I use this stuff? It's not like I leave my guns outside and they get caked with rust. Balistol and CLP work for me. I do use a black Swiss grease on the wear spots that works nicely.
Because carcinogen + strong smell = works REALLY well! :)
<blockquote><I>"Hmm. It has a carcinogen as an ingredient, must be used outside or with good ventilation, and has an odor. Why would I use this stuff?"</I></blockquote>Don't forget that if you clean your gun with it and then hurriedly close the gun in its case, you may find that your butt pad has become a tad gooey the next time you get the gun out.

Besides Eezox... where can you buy it?!

thanks to all for contributing!

Sorry Keller, my experience is zero affect on recoil pads or for that manner any plastic or alloy. Been using Eezox for the past 10yrs. Aside from having 6 toes on my left foot, no noticable side effects.

I use Break Free on exterior of the gun and inside the trigger assy, and CMD on all Hinge Points, and Pivot Points.

The CMD grease makes a tight opening gun a hell of a lot easier to open, and no gaulding.

Gary Bryant
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