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eclipse shells for sale

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someone asked me about these shells the other day. It is a complete box of brand new factory shells and was only opened to show the pictures. I will sell the box of shells for 30.00 dollars plus the shipping from 44143.

12 gauge 3 dram 1 1/8 ounce 7 1/2 shot. Not sure of the date of manufacturer. contact me if you have and interest
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I use to pay $55.00 for a 20 box case years ago. Great shell. Nothing went through my 800B like these all plastic hulls. Trevor Dawe.PS I shot thousands of these.
Brings back memories. When they went out of business (20+ years ago) I was able to buy a 500 rd. case for $50. (bought 30 and wish I got more). Didn't have to reload for a year ! Main problem with them was cases separating (rarely) and half was sometimes left in the barrel.(potential hazard ,usually with a reloaded hull) Not a problem with a break open since you could inspect your empty but a major problem it your hull auto ejected. Company sold all its mfg. machinery to a South American firm. Saved a few boxes..maybe will sell when they hit $50.
Eclipse went out of business 30+ years ago and thank God they did before their ammo killed somebody. If you had a well worn gun or shot a break-open with no ejector you were in serious trouble. I knew of a few well used pumps that had fire come out through the side. The reason was NO base wad to absorb the force of the ignition. Their boxes said to use only in guns in good condition, but who reads the side of boxes? I still have 7 or 8 boxes from the first ( and only ) case I ever bought when box # 3 caused my Perazzi to come unglued at the forearm. The $30 price is probably reasonable for "collecting" only. Larry
I still reload them.
I had nothing but bad luck with them. Nothing damaging to guns or anything .... but a lot of tube separation and parts of the tube stuck in my barrel. Back then, when I tried to load them, I had lots of tube failures. Guess I was just unlucky.

Now Actives. That was a different story. I shot and reloaded lots of those and loved them. Too bad they couldn't weather the competition.
for sale to shell collectors
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