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It was hot and wet at DCWC for the penultimate shoot of the year. We had several first-time shooters among the 31 singles, 17 handicap and 8 doubles competitors today. Glad you could join us to get your feet wet, so to speak. Here are the results.

Singles Champ: Dan Johnson 99

A: John Martin 95

B: Mike Stanton 96

C: Glen Alford 94

D: Barry Pope 92

SV: Joe Hartley 94

VT: Woody Charles 93

Lady: Casandra Mack 69

JR: Aaron Sanchez 87

SJ:Austin Sanchez 88

Handicap Champ: Bill Dudley 90 (shoot off in the rain with John Martin)

Short: Karl Bowman Jr 89

Mid: John Martin 90

Long: Dan Johnson 86 (overheard dissing Jim Wilson and Jonathan Miller for their poor performance)

SV: Joe Hartley 88

Doubles Champ: Dan Johnson 98

D: Mike Stanton 90

VT: Chuck Jenkins 65

HOA: Dan Johnson 283

Handicap Shoot off btw Bill Dudley and John (I refuse to flip a coin) Martin
Dudley vs Martin.jpg
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