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I have a DryFire Single Head Unit that I bought in March 2012. It is version 3.1.3.

I had an older unit first and when it needed some work, Bob gave a great deal on simply upgrading which I did last year. I have recently shot many less targets than I have in the past and don't really see me increasing my target count in the future. Therefore, I would like to sell my entire set-up.

When I was shooting a lot, it really helped my scores. I would shoot indoors all winter to keep my swing sharp and to keep my muscle memory. Then I would shoot 50 targets before I left the house to go to a shoot. Simple, easy, quick and it really helped my scores on that first round of targets. With the price of gas and shells this is a great way to keep your skills up if you are shooting a little less than in the past. And Bob from DryFire is the best. He was always available to help if you wanted to learn how to use the system better.

So, I have he single head unit, an acoustic trigger (release), the wall canvas, the Styrofoam trap house, a camera tripod that the unit sits on and an old laptop that I only use for the DryFire. I went to the DryFire USA website and the new cost is $ 1,470.00 not including the tripod or the laptop. I would be happy to show it to anyone willing to come to Kansasville, WI.

Buying a used one is a low cost way of trying it out. If you don't like it you can always sell it a probably get most your money back out of it.

$ 1,099.00 gets the whole package including laptop and tripod. I would prefer a face to face sale. I would be willing to drive one hour or so to do the deal.

Jim 262-308-0493
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