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Double Header Jackpot - Del-Tone/Luth - RESULTS!

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On Sunday, March 3rd the Del-Tone/Luth Gun Range will hold a Winter Jackpot/Lewis Class Shoot starting at 10:00 AM. This is going to be a “Double Header” winter shoot where we’ll be running a 50 target -16 yard event and a separate 50 target - handicap event. Each event will run as a normal Lewis Class event and the cost of each separate event will be $18.00 which $4.00 of each entry goes into the Lewis Class pot of that event. Handicap yardage will be determined from your ATA yardage if you are a registered shooter. If you are a non-registered shooter your handicap yardage will be the 20 yard line, unless known ability plays a role. :)

Sorry Mr. Bowen, the $100 for a 50 straight in the 16 yard event is off the table, however, the $100 will be available for anyone running 50 straight in the handicap event. Ties divide!

As always at the Del-Tone/Luth Gun Range, Free Coffee, Donuts and Lunch for the shooters of the event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Hoppes

Del-Tone/Luth Gun Range

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Jeff, nice program, but, you better be careful with that $100.00 bill. With the ATA "gifts" that a lot of shooters are getting there are some VERY GOOD MN shooters that are now on the 18 yd line. Should make it interesting.

Weather looks mild, should be a good day to shoot.

Jimmy Bowen
No worries here Jim. I placed "Ties Divide" on the thread and guess who'll be setting those handicap targets. :)
nice program Jeff. hope I can make it. Todd Z
Rumor has it Jimmy Bowen might be one on the 18 yard line pretty soon.
Jimmy got a new stock for the Bowen and it is a beauty!Look out for him now. Ray S
Ray, I think you are wrong on that new stock. It is another Bowen! Yes, our boy Jimmy might be the only three Bowen owner. Our hero took delivery of his third Bowen about a week ago. It is a real nice looking gun too.

Now it is hard to understand what he plans for this nice looking piece but it is safe to say it is certain he will have his share of flinches, misses, and what the you know what's. But you know, this gun is a beauty and at least it will look good in his hands.
It was a fun day at the range shooting Del-Tone’s 1st ever Double Header. The weather cooperated, except for that dastardly southeast wind, and I believe everyone had a good time. In fact, we had such a good time, we’ll do the same for our next Winter Jackpot Shoot on Sunday, March 17th. Who knows, we might even throw in something extra to help celebrate St. Patrick ’s Day!!
A big "Thanks" to everyone who came out to shoot!!!

16 Yard Lewis Class

Class A

Joe Opitz – 48

Ray Steffenson – 48

Class B

Ed Dietz – 43

Steve - 42

Class C

Jeff Dahlin – 39

Mike Harold – 37

Handicap Lewis Class

Class A

Troy “I sure like winning Jeff’s money” Smith – 45

Class B

Ed Dietz – 39

Class C

Joe Opitz - 33
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