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Double Gun Journal and Shooting Sportsman Magazine

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I am downsizing my library and thought I would see if there was any interest in these magazines before I put them on ebay.
Double Gun Journals: total of 55 issues from Volume 3 thru Volume 20 in once read minty condition. complete list available ( DOUBLE GUN JOURNALS SOLD PENDING FUNDS)
Shooting Sportsman Magazine: Volume 1 thru 22 72 issues including all of Volume 1 and 2. complete list available
As a bonus I will include 15 copies of Upland Almanacs 2005 to 2010 and 14 copies of Parker Pages from 2008 to 2010. Finally, 8 copies of Grays Sporting Journal.
These weigh a bunch and I hope someone lives near Walla Walla Wa.
or I will send them by postal if I have to.
190.00 for the the balance of them all in excellent to mint condition to your door.
Chris Schmidt
Walla Walla Wa
509 520 4424
By the way thats a total of 164 issues that should keep you busy until next winter for a price of less than 3.00 per issue.
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Individuals can ship "media mail" just like publishers do. The package is subject to inspection and supposedly something bad will happen if they find anything other than books in there. I use it to save money.
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