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You see, Senator Chuck Schumer has been, in past years, the Senate
> sponsor of the McCarthy bill (HR 297). And the recent murders at
> Virginia Tech have given Senator Schumer the pretext he has been
> looking for. Appearing on the Bill O'Reilly show earlier this week,
> Schumer did his best to make a reasonable-sounding pitch for more gun
> control.
He told O'Reilly on Monday that while he and Rep. McCarthy had
> previously worked together on this legislation, he now wants Congress
> to take up HR 297 quickly. "The Brady Law is a reasonable
> limitation," Schumer said. "Some might disagree with me, but I think
> certain kinds of licensing and registration is a reasonable
> limitation. We do it for cars."
Schumer showed his hand when he revealed
> the strategy for this bill. Because it could become such a hot
> potato -- thanks to your efforts -- Senator Schumer is pushing to get
> this bill passed by Unanimous Consent in the Senate, which basically
> means that the bill would get passed WITHOUT A VOTE.
> This is a perfect way to pass gun control without anyone getting
> blamed... or so they think. We need to tell every Senator that if
> this bill passes without a vote, then we hold ALL OF THEM
> responsible. We best do some writing, were on the slippery slope. Fraz
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