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Don Rackley

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I had recent dealings with Don and they were excellent! I sent him an type 3
Mirage receiver and he replaced needed parts and returned quickly.
As we were discussing Perazzi he stated he had 3 and we selected one that
would suite what I was looking for.
We made the deal and I wanted Briley chokes and since he was already in TX
he said he would ship barrels to Briley. He got on a 3 way call with a Briley
gunsmith and we discussed what we wanted. He did all of this while the Storm
was going on in TX.
He is very knowledgeable and a great communicator, the things that give you
confidence in buying an unseen gun!
Thank you Don!
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You should post this to his Profile page so your excellent customer service comments don’t get lost. This thread will eventually disappear into the depths of forgotten posts where the review posted to a profile page exists for as long as the user exists. ;) (y)

Add @Don Rackley to the text and he’ll know you spoke well of him. That’s always appreciated, no matter who you are. Just friendly advice here.
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