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Do Vendors show up for the U.S. Open in Sparta?

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Do most of the main vendors set up at the U. S. Open shoot at Sparta in June?
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Hello All,
I am out at Sparta about once a week. The only vendors that are there all year long are J&J's guns and Gipson's. Stu Wright's place is in Pickneyville, about 20 minutes from Sparta.
The vendors start showing up during the US Open, but only a handful compared to the Grand. This is also the same week at the SCTP Illinois State trap shoot (June 8th this year). One of the vendors made the comment that they do more business with the SCTP and AIM shooters than during the Grand. The vendors get more plentiful when the Nationals start (July 15th SCTP, August 3rd AIM). I guess this makes sense,as a new shooter would be more likely to need more stuff. If I remember correctly, the vendors were not setup for demo guns during the US Open.


Todd (Illinois)
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