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Dillon SL900 for sale with hull feeder/accessories

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This has been a really good press. I’ve loaded Winchester hulls before and it’s currently adjusted to load Remington hulls. It comes with the upgraded roller handle, the Pyrex powder hopper which doesn’t discolor and holds more powder. It has a low powder alarm. It has an upgraded roller post that actuates the hull feeder. The shell holder plate has the upgraded ceramic detent balls/bearings. It turns smoothly and easily. It will come with the blue wad and shell tubs. The shell tub has an Inline Fabrication aluminum piece that allows the tub to hold more shells. It also has a spent primer collection tube that screws onto any normal mouth size soda bottle. It’s so much nicer than the little spent primer tray that originally comes on the press. It includes the user manual. Dillon’s customer service is excellent and they have plenty of parts for this press should it ever need anything, which in the 5 years that I’ve owned it and used it, I haven’t had to replace anything.

The price is $650 for everything plus buyer pays shipping from S.E. Idaho. Local pick up would be great and would avoid shipping costs since this thing is heavy.

Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me.
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Thanks for the kind replies. dws has been good to work with and hopefully will enjoy it as much as I have.
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