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Did a recoil reducer help your scores?

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Just wonder if installing a recoil/precision fit stock etc. reducers helped your scores? I have no problem with recoil but wondered if installing a reducer will help my scores.
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My opinion- I believed the reducer helped when shooting higher volumes of shells-like spring practice or at week long registered shoots etc. If you are a couple nights a week league shooter probably won't see much difference in scores. It also tames the big handicap shells some... good luck. Dan
I tried a gun with the Gracoil setup and I did not like it. The guy I sold it to loves it.
Recoil and it's affects are cumulative. Depends how much you shoot. Shoot 1200 - 1500 rounds in a week once and you'll be glad you have a recoil reduction device. Your size, age, the weight of the gun, gun fit, and your shells are all a part of the equation.

If you have neck, shoulder, or back issues, the right recoil device is even more helpful.

Your last sentence hit the nail on the head with me. I wouldn't be shooting much at all if it were not for my Rad II on one gun and Gracoil on the other. I have both shoulder and back issues. With the recoil systems I can literally shoot all day all week and not feel any worse for the wear. I obviously didn't go after the systems to improve my scores but if I were to shoot without them now, I'm certain my scores would suffer.
Dayum Setterman, 1200-1500 a week! I thought I was doing good 400-450. I'm such a light weight!

If you have no problems with recoil now its unlikely a recoil device will help in your scores.

I was having problems with my shoulder and put a recoil device on which helped but I found lighter loads helped just as much with an increase in my average.
I don't care who or how big and tough one is, LESS FELT RECOIL, means a better aim or point! If I had to shoot a shotgun as it comes from the factories even if it fit, I'd have to quit shooting trap!

An old Chinese torture tactic is a drop of water to the forehead over and over. Yup, it's cumulative alright! Eventually,, it will drive any sane man crazy! That,, and we're talking 12 ga. shotguns here guys?

It definitely helps me keep my head on the gun. Bill
Pat, I said "in a week" not "every week".
Having to shoot from a wheel chair I suffer from back pain even shooting a 12 ga. auto loader. I went down to a 20 and it helped. I put a Ken Rucker auto buster on my 12 and it really helped me. I can shoot factory loads and have minimal pain after a day of shooting.

Lite loads was my first step........1 oz at 1150 fps 7 1/2 is nice, or 7/8 oz load at 1200 fps of #8 is nice.
Have used a number of recoil reducers over the years. What has helped me most is the old faithful piece of lead in the stock. Nothing fancy but it works.
I shot 450-500 each in a day with and w/o a recoil reducer. some difference but not much.
Yes it will at the end of the shoot.
Recoil will have a slow affect on how tired you get. So the stronger you are the better focus you will have and the higher your score.
Remember it only takes one shot to loose or win the game.
I believe that less recoil can only help a shooter shoot which hopefully would translate to possible higher scores.
Steve Balistreri
I install quite a few recoil reducers and I never steer people towards using them. But, if it's what they really feel they need, that's their decision. I sort of look at reducers as a last resort and feel that a properly fitted and balanced gun is by far the way to go. As mentioned, if someone has head, neck or back pain or is shooting over and above the average amount of rounds, well then, Ok.
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