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Dicks price match

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I found a good price from a mail order store on Remington Gun Clubs shells. Called the local Dicks and said it had to be a local store for them to do the price match. Anyone have any experience on this?
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I took an ad from basspro which we do not have locally and they matched it. os
They are building a new Dicks in Dublin CA (SF Bay Area. There is also a Bass Pro Shop 40 miles east in Manteca (that' Spanish for "lard").

Unfortunately, with the new gun/ammo laws coming down from Sacramento, neither store will be able to sell guns nor ammo - ;>)
Isn't that the company that would not HONOR the AR-15 orders customers had placed on black Friday????
They honored the 23 that I ordered....I had a great Christmas!!

Glad someone did.....
I had a local Dick's in Pittsburgh honor an online ad from Bass Pro Shops for GC shells. The nearest Bass Pro is 4 hours away in Harrisburg.

Don in PA
Don't talk to a store clerk, ask to see the manager.
Not all Dick's clerks know how to operate all the functions of the cash register.
Where did you find a good price on gun clubs?
Our Dicks in Montgomery County Md, limit SG shell purchases to six boxes (not cases!) so the price match savings are not worth the trip.

They also ask you if you are a citizen! ...then they dont ask for proof, go figure.
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