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DHazen All Peace Shoot - High Prairie/Peavine, AB

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Heck of a first registered shoot for the DVine Trap Club as they built a club this summer with what resources they could muster in an area with a very limited number of trap shooters locally. The Smith family, Jesse and his wife Lynn donated a section of their farm to the new venture and with donations of gravel from the local Munipal office they were able to complete a driveway and parking area with the use of their own farm equipment. They turned over a section of field to dedicate to two trap fields and with the assistance of their children and extended family members and friends erected a trap club in time to host a shoot before the fall harvest is upon them.
Though the weather was abysmal to say the least from a high of 35C(95F) on Friday with 50k(30mph) winds gusting to to mid 60's(40+mph) to Saturdays overcast skies mixed with forest fire smoke from fires raging across BC, AB and SK, hurricane force winds and Sunday starting out in the low teens(50ish) with overcast black skies first thing in the morning, increasing and shifting winds mixed with pouring rain by the time the first event started then clearing with strong winds and once again overcast as the two doubles events got underway spirits were still high and bright! A few pulled out by the end of the first day and a couple pulled out midway through the 200 singles event Saturday but the majority stuck with spirits running high and with good reason to stick it out as the hospitality was second to none!!
We were supporting a new club's first registered event and with top notch prizes offered of Federal Gold Medal Paper shells the odds went up in your favor of winning as the fair weather shooters pulled the plug and left.
It was my wife's and I first foray into the gateway of Alberta's Peace Region and I have to say what a beautiful area! Lesser Slave lake looked like a great destination for boating and fishing and the towns of Slave Lake and High Prairie were extremely nice, clean and full of friendly folks.
In spite of the weather we all had a great time and the clubs host's Jesse and Lynn Smith, their children, and other family members put on a shoot of epic proportions. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault! Breakfast and lunch were provided free of charge the entire weekend and $20 bought you a rib-eye steak dinner Saturday evening with the beef provided and cooked by the Mappin's family of Stettler, AB.
There was a cribbage tournament Saturday evening that went on long after my wife and I retired for the evening to rest up for Sundays handicap and doubles events. There was some tall tales told the next morning and we lost at least one shooter to that tournament for Sundays events....:unsure:
All in all I cannot say enough of just how much fun the shoot was and the comradery and fellowship was second to none.
I'd like to offer a great big thanks to all who participated, donated their time and effort, helped with the work and donated prizes, food etc. We are already looking forward to next year and Darryl if you are reading this I hope you decide to sell me that back-up combo gun of yours we discussed....

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Jessie and Lynn are 100% top notch! Good on them for doing this for the sport we love. If you weren't 7 hours away I'd be there for every shoot!
It was 7+ hours for us too and worth every bit of the drive. We had such a great time. We are already looking forward to heading to next year's shoot.

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Well done Jessie and Lynn, I've shot with them many times, great people and good shooters also, congrats to them for their hard work and dedication to the game.
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