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Dennis Kennedy Great Guy!

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Yesterday my wife and I got to our place at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club for the Saturday Fugarwe festival ....
Later at the golf side bar we learned the "Denny" had passed...Un believable!!
Denny had just shot I'm thinking his first 100 straight at the FTA championship just weeks before and looked to all of us to be probably the healthiest out of all of us.
Anyway...bottom line is Denny was one of the nicest, best souls I have ever known and the Dollars has lost a great shooter and all of us have lost a great friend!!!
You will be missed for a long time!
Mike and Dee Dee
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Denny shot on my squad during the FL. State Shoot. Later we had a great time setting at a table taking about the old days. I was so saddened to hear about his passing ! The sport lost a good man, Gone too soon ! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Cherish each day because you never know how many you may have left !
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