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Selling a Delrin add on rib made by Devault Industries for a K80. The rib takes a set of 10x6 tapered flat barrels and give you pretty close to if not exact height as a set of Pro Sporter barrels.

Here is some info from Devault's website:

Delrin Add-On Rib
The rib is constructed from Acetyl plastic in black color. The rib is attached using a
double sided tape. The tape has a built in expansion material to prevent temperature
changes from effecting adhesion. We have been building this rib since 1994 and started
in the Sporting Clays discipline first. Shooters that have benefited
are Bill McGuire, Robbie Purser, Jon Kruger, and many others. The barrel must be
sent to us for installation

They also recommend sending the barrel to them for installation, I don't know if this is necessary. That would be the buyers call to make. It does snugly go onto the barrel.

$215 obo delivered. New this is $375
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