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Decot HY-WYD 69 Lenses

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Just going through some of my gear, and I have a couple lens sets I’m going to put up for sale. Full disclosure, I bought most of these second hand, and can only tell you what they told me about the different lens coatings but they all fit the 69 frame and possibly even an XL Ranger frame. These are in pretty good shape and come with the lens case as shown.
$60 dollars per lot shipped ground or $ $285 shipped for the whole lot.
located in SW Michigan.

Per Forum rules, first “I’ll take Number x” gets it.

Pm me for any questions.
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Pm Sent to BHNTR, Row 5 is spoken for.

Ridgid02, I cant say with 100% certainty that they will fit all Ranger Frames. I don't know how many frame designs they have and what size variations there are but i have put them in my fathers "Large" Ranger Frames and they did fit pretty well. I've also swapped some of the Ranger Lenses into the Decot Frames and had pretty good luck there as well. With that being said, others mileage may vary.

I've got a couple PM's on the other sets, Per the Forum Rules, the first "I'll Take them" on here gets priority.
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