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CVR Delay Setting

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Anybody know how to set the delay time on a CVR to what it is supposed to be for ATA Trap?

This weekend I shot at a Provincial Shoot over here in South Africa, and one of the traps was set way too slow, and the next one was set too fast.

I asked the club manager if he knew how to adjust it, and he didn't. CVR's are only used over here for competitions, and not too many people know how to set them.

Anyway, for what its worth, I shot pretty good.

I could only shoot one day of the two-day shoot, and I shot 4 events.

ATA Trap – 96 which was good enough for Class A Bronze medal. I think there was one 99, two 97’s and four or five 96’s.

ATA Doubles – 81 which, although not up to my expectation was still good enough for High Gun Silver. One guy shot an 87. Almost nobody shoots doubles over here, except for provincial shoots.

NSSA Skeet – 87 didn’t win me a medal, but was good enough to help with a Team Bronze with two other guys.

Shot a 294/100 in DTL, a personal best. High Gun Silver Medal, plus Team Gold Medal. DTL is just like ATA trap, except the angles are a little wider (true 3-hole), the target is thrown just a little faster (44 mph), and you get 2 shots. Three points for a first shot kill and 2 points for a second shot kill. I broke all 100 targets, but had six instances where I missed on the first shot and broke the target on the second shot.

Not only that, my 294 in DTL, plus my 96 in ATA, plus my 81 in ATA doubles garnered me the Trap HOA Gold medal.

They're big on medals over here.

This is me with my friend Peter Nieuwoudt who shot a 299 in DTL.

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Contact Gary Parker at Bob Schultz Target Shotguns ... see link above. Bill Malcolm
The timing delay is set in the base unit that's connected to the trap house. Inside the unit there are 4 DIP switches & 3 rotary switches. NOTE: The down position of a DIP switch is OFF & up is ON.

#1 DIP Switch OFF is standard 1/6th sec delay after call. ON is Instant target release.

#2 Dipswitch: Off is set target release, On is Random target release up to 1.25 seconds.

#3 Dipswitch Off is standard dead time of 2 seconds, On is extended dead time of 3.5 seconds,

#4 Dipswitch must ALWAYS be in the Down position.

The most common setting of 1/6th second release is to have all four Dipswitches in the OFF position.


P.S. Dead time as controlled by the #3 Dipswitch controls the interval between shots by delaying the cycle time of the trap. Note: Any setting in the base unit affects ALL microphones the same way.
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You might want to find out what type of trap machines they are using. Pat traps can be set to throw a fast or slow release on the call.

Ron Burdick
Here is an old post from Bob Schultz:

Subject: Cantebury ATA voice controllers - built in delay?
From: Bob Schultz
Email: [email protected]
Date: Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 11:17 PM ET
Website Address:

The original Canterbury wired voice release had a .5 second delay to mimic a good puller's reaction time with a button on a Western 1524 manual trap. Understand that 10 years ago there were no major shoots on PatTraps or the like. The 1524 has a very fast solenoid release and an instant release would pull you right out of your shoes! Hence the delay. Roll forward 5 years and the ATA and most of the major shoots are installing PatTraps and the delay becomes a bit more evident as the Pat has a release using the cocking motor pushing the arm past the release point on a cammed spring ... even when adjusted well it is .3 - .4 sec slower than a Western 1524. Canterburys produced since 2004 have been speeded .2 sec to compensate for the slower release of the Pats. If you adjust the arm/brake on a Pat it is almost as fast with the newer systems as the old Western traps. The Wireless CVR is also faster to compensate for the PatTrap release.
Older boxes can be speeded up by sending them to my shop. Target Shotguns, Inc.,800-684-6329 We will recalibrate speed and service the box for $45 + parts. After the service it will have a one year warrantee just like a new one. The newer boxes can be set to a zero delay by changing the #2 dip switch to the opposite position. You can do this yourself and if you have any questions call us on the above number and we'll walk you through it.
Doubles shooting with a zero delay on a PatTrap is the next best thing to sex. You say pull and the target is right on top of your barrel! Cool! Just make sure all the traps are set that way or you will have nightmares with the different speeds! Daro Handy and a lot of the western shooters like the zero delay on all the, cap's and doubles. I do too, however you might want to try it yourself.
Thanks for reading this stuff!

Bob Schultz
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Ron, these are LaPorte traps.
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