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Custom PW Smooth 12 ga Crimp Starter

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This is a used 12 ga smooth/cone crimp starter. Way (way) back, I had a PW 800 and was reloading tons of Federal papers (sigh). I had a friend who was a machinist and we designed this to replace the original crimp 6 and 8 point starters because I was tired of switching back and forth. It is machined from a solid billet of steel. We went thru 3 different designs for the interior contours. This one was the winner. It can be adjusted slightly up and down to control the amount of pre-crimp.

When I ran out of Federal Papers, I left it in and found out it worked on AA, STS, Fiocchi and more. Ezzy-peezy, no more changie-changie needed.

Pix show the overall size, interior contour, diameter of the flat side, diameter of the round and overall length. (Empty STS not included; shown for relative size).

This WILL NOT WORK IN A PW 375. Check your PW800/900/800+ or Patriot pre-crimp station's internal measurements before committing.

$35 shipped. It is heavy; drop it in an military sock and you're ready to rumble in Phoenix City, AL (across the river from Ft. Benning) on a payday Friday night!

PM for questions.

First 'I'll take it” wins per the rules of the BB.


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