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CSMC RBL 28 gauge w/30” barrels & extra nice wood. VG and priced to

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In the early 2000’s, Tony Galazan introduced the RBL SxS shotgun and they became quite popular. Well made, attractive and they shot where you looked. Made in numerous variations, the 28 gauge version is recognized as the ideal platform for this gauge. Built on a smaller, gauge specific frame, they were light enough to carry all day, but had enough weight to allow a good shot without the whippiness associated with ultralight shotguns. This gun I’m selling here has all those qualities and upgraded wood too! The barrels are 30 inches long and are choked improved cylinder and modified. The LOP on the high grade stock is 14 1/2 inches long to the factory buttplate. There is a small chip in the buttplate, but NO wood damage. Bores and mechanics are excellent. The blue is 95%. The case colors show some wear on the bottom and receiver edges from being carried in the field. I’d rate them at 60%. This gun has been a favorite on doves, pheasants and chukars. It’s a great fun clays gun also at 6 lbs 2oz. It comes in its original case with all the accessories. So if you’ve been looking for a nifty long barreled 28 bore (and who isn’t) this one will do it all for you. Priced at $3250 delivered, it’s way below any comparable shotguns. You’ll be pleased. Oh-almost forgot—single selective trigger and ejectors.
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