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I remembered some of the covers, stories and all the ads. I may have told this story before, but I wanted one of those Argentine 1891 rifles for 19.95, but just could not come up with the money. Fifty years later, I found one, just like the 19.95 ones, same condition, still had the Montgomery Ward's hang tag on it and I grabbed it. Still have it and it shoots really, really well.


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My first deer rifle was an 1891 Argentine that I sporterized myself.
Put a Fajen semi inlet sporter stock on.

My Grandad used it (stock) as his hunting rifle after he lost his good guns in a house fire.

Still have it today.

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I found this prescient sage's letter to be interesting:

"Give Me Your Guns!"
Anybody can see that the Sullivan Law
hasn't done New York a damned bit of good.
Any sane person knows that sporting guns
aren't criminal weapons. So why register
them? (Criminals wouldn't register their
arms even if there were a law requiring it.)
I'll tell you why: so some communist goon
can come pounding on your door some day
and demand that you give up the one means
of protecting liberty the common man has.
I guess the communists don't like to picture
themselves enslaving a nation full of determined riflemen! It's so much easier the good
old Czechoslovakia way, where they have all
the guns, confiscated from the people "to
avoid crime waves."
Boys, it's time to start some sound action
designed to stop once and for all these nonsensical and dangerous anti-gun laws. Work
on your representatives. Show them how fallacious and dangerous these laws are. After
all, he wants your vote!
Richard Ferguson
State College, Penna.
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