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The Uni-Dot is a fiber optic bead but it is inside a tube so the off shoulder eye can't see it. I suffer from occasional but not consistent crossfiring. A person who is really cross dominate may need a different solution than the crossfire eliminator. Kay Ohye had a picture of the rib blinder in the first edition of his book "You and the Target" many many years ago.

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Well I shot league again today with no Crossfire Eliminator on my gun. My sole purpose was to consciously remember what I saw of the gun (sight only, barrels only or both simultaneously) when a bird was missed (notice I said "when" and not "if"). Sure enough it was the hard rights from station 5 and I was sensing seeing the dark barrels on the left side of the gun - as "miketmx" mentioned earlier.

Once home I experimented with how to block the barrels out. As it turned out, putting a piece of Scotch Tape (the "matte finish" type) in the upper left corner of my left glass lens seemed to do the trick (barrels disappeared) - and I could still keep both eyes open. Seeing what I did (left side of the black barrels), and only blocking out the sight, might not be a solution for me. With the Scotch Tape approach, I can leave a small tab of the tape sticking up to pull it off when I move from station 5 over to the others (starting on 5 as my plan). I'm removing the tape when moving from 5, as my crossfire dilemma gives me a built in lead on station 1 (and maybe even 2) as previously resolved and I've no trouble there. I'm going to try this out as one gets fairly frustrated with these type misses rearing their ugly heads and desperation begins to set in. I'm going to resolve this if it kills me - or, for the last shot, I'll just turn the gun around!

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If you shoot with both eyes open, both eyes are seeing the target. Both eyes also see the barrel/bead.

Try this! Assume the right eye is the master eye. Raise your thumb up and with your head level, look at an object across the room. If you focus on the object, you will see two thumbs. The master eye thumb on the object, the off eye thumb to the right of the object. Now, tilt your head to the right a little bit. Notice that the right thumb gets down out of the way so the master eye (right) is the only one on the target. The left eye is still looking at the target, it's just away from the barrel/bead/target. With your head level, the left eye will want to get in the way (natural). Usually, left targets are not a problem, only right targets.

Try tilting your head when mounting and shooting. It takes very little getting used to and works much better than all the dots and bars, etc. You will be amazed at how much you can tilt your head and still center the target.

Don't thank me, thank Joe Ljutic. He worked with me and showed me how much the gun (even a high ribbed gun) can tilt and still center targets. Of course, Joe could center targets with a broom stick (RIP).


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Does not work for me. I see 4 thumbs. When I move my head a little to the right my right thumb ( the correct thumb) moves off the target.

I have had people mount my gun with the Vari-Brite-Site III and not see the glowing fiber optic rod. Their master eye is so dominate that all they saw was the side of the barrels. Thinking about that now I should have also ask them to try and focus on the front sight to see if they can see it then.


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This is the premise of this thread
:Are there any "two eyed shooters" on here that use a crossfire eliminator. ;
I put up the concept of the sight blinder.
Once HAH 66 brought up the XD Solution(patented) here is its concept.
In case of cross dominance or if you encounter cross firing.
1) Mount the gun on your handedness side
2) Raise your forehand thumb
3) Aim the EMPTY GUN at a still taget. ( door knob, object on a wall)
4) Close the off eye, you will see the aimed object
5)Close the on eye you will see the aimed object as well
6) with the thumb up you will notice that the double barrel image is eliminated.
The XDSolution was build on the above concept

a) the XDSolution preserve the BINOCULAR VISION while shooting a gun from the handedness side.
b) the XDSolution eliminates DOUBLE BARREL VISION.
We keep in touch with people that use the XD and we get valuable feedbacks to improve the product.
Jack is one of them, a high volum shooter, that gave us his observations for which we are very greatful

I like it!
I've shot about 10,000 targets with the new model:
I like the wrench I carry on my keychain. Much better than the old allen wrench.
Made first team All American (Veteran) again this year


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I have used the XDSolution the past two seasons and it has worked the best for me to prevent my left eye from becoming the dominate eye when moving to the target. In the past I have tried most options - one eye, a spot on glasses lens, covering the upper portion of glasses lens, stick on blinder at the end of the barrel, etc. I don't consider myself of All-American talent but during the last two seasons I have managed to shoot hundreds in singles events and a hundred in a handicap event (from 22 yds.). If you struggle with cross dominance issues you owe it to yourself to try the XDSolution - it may be the solution that works best for you.
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